What we put on our skin matters.



The personal care industry in the United States is woefully unregulated. The government currently has 11 items that are banned from use in personal care - by contrast, the European Union has over 1,400 ingredients that are banned from their beauty industry. Beautycounter wants to lead the charge to change this. They have established a "Never List" with over 1,500 banned chemicals that will never be in a Beautycounter product.

At this time, the industry isn't required to list everything that's in the products on the label. Therefore, if there is a harmful ingredient, the company doesn't have to disclose that to the consumer. Beautycounter guarantees 100% transparency in their ingredient list. If it's in there, it's on the label.  

Beautycounter has partnered with 3 different nonprofit organizations to further create a more safe world for our families. Healthy Child, Healthy World, the Environmental Working Group, and the Breast Cancer Fund are the three companies that benefit from our mutual goal of bettering the world. In a world where we are seeing monumental increases in health issues ranging from allergies to autism to ADHD to cancer, the one thing that has changed over the past 50 years is the amount of new chemicals being introduced into the market place. The companies listed above are all actively working in their own niches to decrease our toxic exposure to these chemicals through education of the consumer and through lobbying the government to regulate changes for the better. 

“I love the Beautycounter Countermatch Day Cream because it goes on very light and is never greasy or heavy, yet it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft and is perfect for my everyday use. The Body Balm has saved my skin and has been my all time favorite Beautycounter purchase. My skin can get dry and rough but since using the balm, my skin stays hydrated and soft. It has helped to smooth out the area around my neck and chest and helped reduced fine lines. I love the super light citrus scent and never feels greasy or heavy. Another favorite is the sunscreen stick. This product is amazing! It isn’t greasy and smells like cocoa butter. I use it daily and carry it with me in my running bag because it is so easy to apply and I don’t have to worry about trying to wash my hands after! The stick lasts a long-time and does not separate or get oily with use but you do need to make sure you do not leave it out in the hot sun.”

— Janine, Willsboro, NY

What we put on our skin matters video

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"Beautycounter is a product line that we believe can help reduce your toxic load!"

- Melissa Maki, LAc, AP, DOM, CCT