BEMER Medical Device

BEMER devices are designed to increase local blood circulation in healthy muscles and stimulate muscles in order to improve and facilitate performance.



BEMER is an FDA Class II cleared, non invasive medical device. It delivers a patented wave thru pulsed electro-magnetic frequency that increases blood flow by 30% for 12-18 hours. Blood flow plays a critical role in our general health.  

This wave targets your micro-vessels which make up 75% of your blood flow!

The BEMER brings increased oxygen and white blood cells into the blood and it removes waste more efficiently. It is also the only device that has an effect on the vasomotion of the micro-vessels which is the movement of the vessel itself. The wave increases blood flow and trains the micro-vessels to pump effectively.  

“The best part about BEMER is that it’s so easy to use. In just eight minutes, twice a day, the patented BEMER signal will stimulate your muscle cells for better health and wellness.”

Circulation plays a critical role in our overall health & well-being. Optimal blood flow ensures proper supply of nutrients/oxygen and metabolic waste removal, which are vital to all physiological processes.

Think of charging a cell phone wirelessly. The concept works the same within the body. But instead of charging a battery – you are charging your cells! 


Nutrient and oxygen delivery

Local blood flow

Waste removal

Muscle Conditioning


Physical Fitness

Muscular strength

Endurance and energy

Vitality and well-being

Stress reduction and relaxation

Sleep management

Joint health & ease of movement

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Rent by week ($100/week) or by month ($350/mos)

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FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Device
Multiple world-wide patents
Winner of various scientific and design awards
Proprietary signal configuration

Several peer-reviewed medical publications (
Working with NASA to utilize BEMER technology in space

BEMER also has an equine blanket for our horse friends!