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Using an integrative approach, addressing all aspects of your life to guide you into better health.


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Why are so many of us diagnosed with a host of chronic non communicable diseases such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, and arthritis? 

Do we live with them and resign ourselves to live a life of restriction or is it possible to live a life of freedom and abundance while navigating these life altering problems?

Can we transform our lives amidst these problems and find a healthier path that can lead to a more abundant life and even healing. 

Let us help you to gain confidence, and insight into the possibilities of contributing to our body’s ability to heal. You can take charge of your life and health! Let us begin to care for our bodies and souls! 

How can we help you?

  • Nutritional and gut support
  • Assistance with identifying and removing barriers to health 
  • Addressing stress, rest and peace, and living in the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Overall wellness and lifestyle tune up

Carolyn Souris
Functional Nutrition Counselor

Carolyn is originally from Middletown NY. She found her way to the north country to attend SUNY Plattsburgh and obtain a BA in Human Services. She returned to school for her nursing degree at Clinton Community College and became a Registered Nurse. Over her career she has worked in the hospital and health center setting, and has worked with intellectually disabled people for over a decade.  

Her health struggle with hypothyroidism led her on a journey of self-discovery into root causes of disease symptoms. This focus on root cause analysis led her to a course in functional nutrition called Full Body Symptoms taught by Andrea Nakayama. She then received her certification as a Functional Nutrition Counselor. This training led her to find resolution in other health challenges she was facing including leaky gut, H-Pylori infection and SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth), as well as, pre and post-menopausal hormone balancing.   
Carolyn has a passion for holistic healing and balancing the mind, body, and soul. She believes that by making small shifts in our nutrition, lifestyle, and spirituality, we can create positive and lasting change in our health and wellbeing. 

Carolyn would be honored to be your guide to self-transformation.

Carolyn lives in “South Wadhams” and is a very active Mom and Grandma to six grandchildren. She loves all the changing seasons as they each bring their own vibrant energy. 

meet carolyn!

meet donna!

Donna Arnold
Certified Health Coach

I am a North country native and live with my husband in Peru. We brought up four children and now enjoy nine grandchildren! I love this area and am excited to work with this community and offer health coaching. I especially love and specialize in working with people who are 60+.  
In the past year I have taken my life experience to a new level and have become a Certified Health Coach. Our family has always tried to have a healthy outlook on life and eat whole natural foods as much as possible.

Through the years family and friends have looked to me to provide health information when asked and in doing so I've been challenged to read and research many avenues of health and wellness. I decided to take the knowledge I have gathered over the years and apply it to a health integration and nutrition program. My journey through this certification has provided me much insight into my own health journey and given me the passion and opportunity to help others to find their individual path to health and healing. 

A healthier you is waiting! 

Credentials: Certified Health Coach, Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Carolyn Souris – 518.586.6192
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Donna Arnold – 518.420.3418
(Call or Text)

"I have known Carolyn for some time now and when she offered health coaching, of course I said yes! I was so intrigued to learn more and connect to my inner self again. At the time I was adjusting to two little ones under 2 years old, surging hormones with postpartum changes, and of course feeling an immense amount of love.

 However, living with an autoimmune disease-Hashimoto’s led to brain fog, lower energy, and feeling a little stagnant in life. When Carolyn entered my life as a health coach her warmth, wisdom, and intuition helped me connect to my higher consciousness. She focuses on what works for you at that given time. For me it was creating more internal space such as diving deeper into meditation, going for a slow walk in the woods, connecting back to nature, eating nutrient dense foods that supported my mind and body. I felt a shift in the right direction and trusted the path I was on. I could not have done this without Carolyn’s guidance and expertise in wellness. I have devoted more time in being present for myself and my family. I cannot thank Carolyn enough for her positive energy and love. She is such a wonderful health coach (aka my little Socrates!). Thank you!  

KB – Elizabethtown, NY

I started working with Carolyn the beginning of 2022 and have had amazing results. My eating habits were very poor and throughout my adult life have been on every diet imaginable. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition health.

When it came to nutrition she started with the basics such as healthy fats, supplements, portion control, organic foods, which foods to eliminate, and many other nutritional facts. I especially loved how Carolyn made learning fun and so interesting. She absolutely has motivated me to be healthy and I’ve never felt better. I would absolutely recommend Carolyn to anyone that has struggled with food and health issues as I have, or anyone that wants to learn more about nutrition.  

Karl Speirs – Hollywood FL